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Costa Rica Destination Weddings

Are you thinking about planning a Costa Rica Destination Wedding? This is a magical and exciting time for you – dreaming of a tropical wedding celebration under palm trees, in the jungle, surrounded by the beauty of nature, barefoot in the sand or overlooking the beautiful ocean. This all and more is possible here. Costa Rica is the perfect destination for big or small, intimate weddings – bring all your friends and family or come elope in paradise.

You might have a lot of questions – but don’t you worry. We’ve got you covered and can help you with Costa Rica Wedding Venues and anything else that you might need for the most important day of your life. 

Vacation Rentals of Tamarindo’s Wedding Specialists

In our local team, we have two dedicated wedding specialists who are here to answer all your questions about your Costa Rica Destination wedding. They are experts in the field, very helpful and great to work with. They will make sure your wedding is worry-free. Both have been living in the area for many years and not only do they personally know the best Costa Rica Wedding Venues, but they also have relationships with all the different vendors you might consider. They are happy to help with:

-          Wedding Venue

-          Additional Guest accommodation

-          Wedding Photography and Videography

-          Furniture rentals

-          Florals and decoration

-          Hair and Make-up

-          Entertainment and Music

-          Catering and Bar

-          Cake

-          Tours, Activities, Transportation

-          Rehearsal Dinner, Morning after Brunch or any other additional event

Costa Rica Wedding Venues

Many of our luxury vacation rental homes can also be used as wedding venues. A big plus of our unique (and uniquely beneficial) market positioning, our wedding specialists can also help build your custom wedding venue: Be it a modern mansion, an ocean-view hilltop, or a solar-powered luxury estate, we can tailor Costa Rica’s luxury villas to meet your needs and vision. Here is a short overview of the most popular ones.

Location: Tamarindo, on hill with amazing ocean views

Number of Guests: Up to 30

Event fee: starting at $1000, depending on number of guests

Villa Tranquila

Location: Hacienda Pinilla, on golf course

Number of Guests: Up to 100

Event fee: starting at $1000, depending on number of guests

Casa Puros Dieces

Location: Tamarindo, on Hill with beautiful ocean views

Number of Guests: Up to 40

Event fee: starting at $1000, depending on number of guests

Casa de Luz

Location: Langosta, Beach front

Number of Guests: Up to 40

Event fee: starting at $1000, depending on number of guests

Casa Hamacas

Location: Hacienda Pinilla, under the trees

Number of Guests: Up to 50

Event fee: starting at $1000, depending on number of guests

El Chante

Location: Tamarindo, Balinese style property with ocean view

Number of Guests: Up to 20

Event fee: starting at $1000, depending on number of guests

There are also many other venues available in the area –beachfront restaurants, beach clubs or special event locations. We have relationships with all the managers and can point you in the right direction and help make your personal Costa Rica Wedding dream come true.

Guest accommodation

We will also coordinate additional accommodations for you and your guests: spectacular ocean-view properties with private bungalows, sprawling mansions to sleep 24+, and even neighbourhood / neighbouring homes, villas, and compounds to accommodate all your guests in one general location.

Contact us today and we are happy to chat with you about all the options for a perfect Costa Rica Wedding.