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Playa Potrero | Penca Beach

Playa Potrero

Playa Potrero, Costa Rica is immediately north of Flamingo. Playa Potrero and Surfside are the first grey fine sand beaches on the bay. The calm waters are perfect for swimming, boating, and fishing. Playa Potrero, Costa Rica is a small fishing village located in the center of the beach. It is also becoming the community that lies at the gateway of new resort territories to the north.

After Playa Potrero follow the existing beaches Penca, Prieta, and Pan de Azucar (Sugar Beach) to the north. The road after Sugar Beach becomes a little rough, but intrepid beach goers (with 4 wheel drive) can find special spots with total privacy most days of the week.

Please be sure to drive on safe terrain and be mindful of tidal schedules.

The Potrero Bay beaches are bordered to the west by the hills and cliffs of Punta Salinas, to the south by Flamingo, and to the north by the cliffs of Punta Ostional. Beyond there are three estuaries: Cacao, Plantanar, and Salinas, the latter covered with saltwater forests.

Penca is a secluded, beautiful beach just over half a mile long (1 km) with clear sands, relatively rough waves and features a mangrove swamp.

Penca is a blue-flag beach located between Playa Potrero and Sugar Beach at a distance of about 4 km (2.5 mi) from Flamingo Beach. You can access it by turning left at the first road after the Potrero soccer field as you head in the direction of Sugar Beach. New development has begun in this area, but Playa Penca’s unique sense of intimacy will never change.