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Tamarindo Beach

Tamarindo Rentals

Tamarindo Beach is a 2 mile (3.5 Km) stretch of white sand and warm blue water. Surrounded by National Parks to its north and south, and mountains with breathtaking views to its east, nature is abundant. Leatherback Turtles lay their eggs in the northern part of the bay, howler monkeys are heard and seen swinging on branches throughout Tamarindo.

Tamarindo became known as a surf town after its beach was featured in the film, “Endless Summer II”. There are good waves at the river estuary north of town and at Grande Beach across the estuary.

Tamarindo Beach is the ideal place for honeymoons, proposals and weddings, couples, singles and families, and it’s wonderfully suited for eco-adventures. With Tamarindo rentals across the town you wont miss out on anything during your vacation. Tamarindo is more than just a beach town, it offers a huge variety of tours and activities.

With a multi-cultural community, Tamarindo Beach boasts several world class bakeries, a weekend outdoors vegetable market and more than 40 restaurants. When booking one of our Tamarindo rentals ask our staff for recommendations on where to eat and what to see! There is plenty to enjoy!

Tamarindo is a great destination to enjoy just about any outdoor activity or simply lounge on the beach and the sun, by day, and then turn to a full evening of live entertainment and fine dining by night, that is suitable for the whole family. Any day of the week you can choose an ocean front restaurant for cocktails, unforgettable sunsets and world class dining. Accommodations for Tamarindo Rentals are available for every budget, from luxurious Tamarindo beach resort like atmospheres to condominiums located a short distance from the beach.