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Tamarindo Shopping Guide


Tamarindo’s boutique shops have a wide variety of traditional souvenirs, locally-created art, and handmade crafts. Tamarindo artists create beautiful ceramic pots and lighting fixtures, jewelry, original clothing, wood designs and much more. Take a small piece of Costa Rica home when it’s time to say goodbye! Locally made clothing and personal products like lotions and soaps are another unique way to keep Costa Rica with you when you go.

Surf shops cater to your water sports needs, offering everything you need for a day in the waves and equipment for other types of beach activities like snorkeling, swimming or just basking in the sun.

The shopping district of Tamarindo stretches along its two main streets. Take a moment and check out the art kiosks on the main promenade and the small boutiques sprinkled through the district.


You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the number of Tamarindo Grocery Stores. No matter where you say, you won’t be far from one. In Tamarindo, our American/European style supermarket is called Automercado. It carries a wider variety of international products than the other supermarkets, and it offers the best possibility of finding everything you’re looking for in one store.

Two Tamarindo Grocery Stores specialize in organic products: Pimienta Verde and El Almacen are both organic markets that offer clean local eating to everyone in Tamarindo.

There is one Costa Rican chain grocery store called Super Compro which may carry Costa Rican staples (rice, coffee eggs, paper products) at a lower price than some of the international-focused stores, but as you know from grocery shopping at home–never assume!

The final type of Tamarindo grocery store that you will find throughout the town and also in Langosta are small food markets and convenience-store type shopping. Las Palmas is a Costa Rican-style market. Las Olas is an American style convenience store/liquor store/grocery.

Super 2001 and Super Langosta are Italian-owned markets and may have a wider variety of European products.
Super Pura Vida is a Costa Rican convenience store/grocery.
Vindi is a mini-market/convenience store that is a subsidiary of Automercado.

Get ready to start your Tamarindo Shopping and contact us with questions or if you require more information.